Medical Services, Conferences/Seminars, and Keynote Speeches

Medical Services


Our HealthSuccess Clinic provides a variety of primary health services on site at our HealthSuccess Clinic in Dallas Texas. We also provide telemedicine to our clients all over Texas who prefer to receive services through video conferencing. For our patients in dallas fort worth and sorrounding areas who are unable to leave their homes to our clinic, we have providers who visit them at their homes to provide medical care. For details on our clinic, click the healthsuccessClinic tab or call us at 469-577-4020. For house call, click the house call tab or visit or reach us at 469-577-4009. And for telemedicine, click  our calender to book and use the link  for a consult.

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 Through education we create awareness, and through motivation, we get individuals to practice what they may know but are not doing to be successful. It takes a community to make a change for the better; hence, we take the best practices in health, inspiration, and leadership out from the office and take them into the community.  We work to end the cycle of preventable diseases, low self-esteem/low self-confidence...  We accomplish our mission through use of evidence-based information that is provided by trained health professionals, educators, leaders, motivational speakers, and activists.  Give yourself, your organization, or your community the transformational gift of improved life through Health and Success. 

 We offer customized Conferences/Seminars for:

  • Health education /Training
  • Women Organizations
  • Cultural groups
  • Leadership Conferences
  • Youth Organizations
  • Schools and Universities

Keynote Speeches


My Health and Success offers keynote speeches through our highly trained professionals and international speakers. The uniqueness  in their speeches is that they do not just speak as they were taught, but incorporate their unique and successfully lived  experiences into their speeches to enlighten and motivate others. Contact us for your health and success needs, and earn the rewards you need for a better life. 

Our House-call Services


Our House  Call practice at Healthy House-Call Providers brings medical care to your home. Our primary care providers  serve patients outside of  regular clinics, hospitals, and other inpatient premises. They provide services in the comfort of patients' homes. We specialize in nurse practitioner and physician home visits as well as Telemedicine.  In your home environment, you get complete care by licensed and certified professionals. Healthy House-Call Providers leaves you with a smile of satisfaction after each healthcare visit. 

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Motivational Speeches

Through our Educational program, our consultants and healthcare providers have passionately made significant differences that put smiles on the faces of our clients.  

"If you limit your choices to what seems possible or reasonable, 

you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, 

and all that is left is a compromise."

                                               Robert Fritz 

global health education