Medical Clinic/ Telemedicine


HealthSuccess Family Clinic

Our HealthSuccess family Clinic provides you with affordable medical care in our warm and enlivening clinic. Our clients visit and usually leave feeling much better physically and psychologically than they came in. Our cost is affordable, and we accept cash, credit card, and insurance payments. We also serve as a walk-in clinic and provide compassionate health care services in our medical clinic

. We specialize in family practice and see clients of ages 5 years and older for the following services:

Sick Visits

Comprehensive Health assessment/Wellness Exams

Chronic disease management

Preventive Care including Vaccinations

Weight Management

Other consultations


Housecall and Telemedicine services are als available. 

Medical Clinic and Telemedicine


Apart from our onsite clinic and house calls to patients' homes, our providers also see patients remotely across Texas. You do not have to come to the clinic and we do not have to come to your home. We consult with you via video at

See details below and search our calender  to schedule your appointment

Access  our Telemedicine consultation 

room at:

Tips to get you ready for a Teleconsult


· Make sure you have a good internet connection

· Restart your device before the visit

· Test your camera and mic from the waiting room

· Relax and enjoy your visit

House call Services

  Please click on healthy House call on top of the page or visit us at