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Upcoming Book

 "Self-improvement books and other motivational books have impacted my success significantly, and my wish is that my readers find success from reading this book."

Linda is the author of an upcoming book titled: Overcoming the Odds: Six kids, a full time job, and Sixteen Semester hours.  The Power  of self determination

Many women have done well in handling their multiple responsibilities while others have struggled without success. As part of our motivational program and in honoring the request of one of her academic instructors, Linda decided to recreate her adventures in a book


It is a book, but more, a success story, an empowerment package, and a guide for women survival in our current society. This book highlights the happy struggles of a mother of six young kids, a full time nurse, and a twelve to sixteen semester hour student. The quest, the road blocks, and the success. It tells how we might not avoid but conquer obstacles to scale through. It examines the questions of whether children should be limitations to career success, and whether women should have to forfeit their passion in raising their children. Can we take care of our kids and still fulfill our passion? “You’re nuts” said a fellow soccer mom, Jenny. "How do you do that?" Echoed the voice of one of her college instructors, Ms. Mattie. At that time, Linda did not have an answer, "but the day I dropped my academic pen, I knew I have an answer to give, a message to deliver, and a story to share.", and it all started...

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Note: This is a tentative title, and though the title might be re-worded, the compelling concept will remain the same