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My Health and Success Consulting , LLC  was founded in 2014 with the goal of improving people's lives by providing healthcare and training services, as well as motivational speeches to individuals, organizations, and other communities. In realizing the different needs of people and the various limitations many face in accessing health care and other services, the founder incorporated different models of service delivery to ensure optimal access to health care, health education, and general life improvement for our clients and the communities we serve. If clients cannot come to our clinic, we go to their homes, and if they prefer virtual consultation, we apply the technology of telemedicine to meet their needs. We do not wait for people to get sick before we see them, we educate and motivate our healthier clients through coaching, educational conferences, counseling, and other motivational speaking. In her  quest to fulfill her life calling of helping people to attain their maximum health and success potentials, and from experiences in her many years in healthcare, business, and leadership, the founder realized that the many health problems people present with in hospitals  are  preventable, and that many dreams are not realized due to poor health, lack of information, and lack of motivation. She found out a good percentage of the world's population lack the knowledge they need to prevent certain diseases and the motivation they need to take a step forward toward achieving their goals. Her experiences in serving patients, running a business, and leading organizations and other life euncouters  contributed greatly to her initiative of establishing My Health and Success, a company where people help people to achieve holistic health and improve their general well-being.


    Our Mission

 The mission of My Health and  Success Consulting is to assist individuals, organizations, and communities to achieve and maintain healthy and successful lives through medical and other health care services as well as success education/training, through conferences and motivational speeches. 

Our Services

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In addition to  health speeches and medical services, our professionals apply their experiences and proven strategies in motivating others toward achieving their life dreams. Let us be a part of your success and you a part of ours. 

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 Our Difference 

 The uniqueness in our programs is that we deliver services to you at your most convenient setting through our different models: physical clinic, house call, video consultation, and others; moreover, we do not just care or teach as we were taught, we incorporate our unique and several years of practice and lived  experiences into our service delivery, and we apply evidence-based research information in our patient care services. To us, transformation is only a word but it is the art that lifts an individual or organization to the vibrational level of health and success. Let My Health and Success Consulting  assist you in  that art of transforming your life, that of your organization, and/or your community. Contact us for your health and motivational needs, as well as our other listed services, and earn the rewards you need for a better life.