My Health and Success  Consulting, LLC strives for everyone's health and success, given that health and wealth complement each other. We understand health is the single most important asset to a successful life; therefore, we enable access to compassionate healthcare providers,  consultants, motivators, and educators to assist you, your organization, or/and community with what you need to attain and maintain a healthy and successful life.  We pride in medical care provider services at our HealthSuccess Family Clinic;  in-home medical care visits through our House Call Providers; and virtual health care services through our Telemedicine consultations. We also provide health counseling, keynote speeches, as well as motivational and other educational speaking and training through conferences. Visit our calendar page to choose and book for your service needs. Give yourself the transformational gift of improved health and motivation to achieve life dreams. Let us assist you with your Health and Success needs and in making a difference for yourself and your community.                                                     



"If you limit your choices to what seems possible or reasonable, you disconnect yourself from what you truly want, and all that is left is a compromise." Robert Fritz

What We Do

Our Mission


 The mission of My Health and Success Consulting is to assist individuals, organizations, and communities to achieve and maintain healthy and successful lives through medical care services, as well as health and success education/training through conferences and motivational speeches. 

Our Services


Medical/Health care services

Office clinic



Health Education/training
Conferences/Seminars ​

Keynote Speeches

Others (you choose and we decide)  

Target Audience



  • Individuals
  • Companies and organizations
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Schools of nursing/other
  • Other health care institutions
  • Other Communities



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My Health and Success Consulting

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Phone: For Medical clinic and Housecall contact: 469-577-4009, Fax: 214-553-7778; For conferences, Keynote speeches, and other services, please call: 469-577-4020 eFax: 469-533-3732, Fax - 214-553-7778


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